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Learn to play: Spacedrum Evolution


Learn to play: Spacedrum Evolution

In this course, you will learn how to sit, play and handle your instrument.

You will also learn to play ten great small melodies/songs on the Spacedrum Evolution. These exercises sound great, but at the same time, they make sure you learn to use both your hands and use the whole instrument while playing. 

With this course, you will become a better Spacedrum Evolution player. Simple as that.

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Learn to play: Spacedrum Evolution


Ravid Goldschmidt is one of the leading HandPan players in the world, giving concerts, Ted Talks, workshops, and making music for Movies, TV, and live performance.

Ravid is one of the first handpan players in the world; after working with the Hang creators in Switzerland, he decided to dedicate his life to this unique instrument. He started to travel the world and shared his love for the instrument with everybody he met. Since the beginning, Ravid has been teaching others to play the handpan and has developed a unique and intuitive method of playing the instrument.

Ravid created this unique teaching system in 2008 when he published the first books in the world with lessons on how to play the handpan. These books has been enjoyed by thousands and is now available as a series of online courses. In this course Ravid has taken some of the best songs and re-created them for the Spacedrum.

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