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We are a full time traveling family who loves learning. As part of our travels we create online courses. If you have ended up on this page, you have properly received an invoice from one of the course platforms we have created.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have a question or if you have a course you would love to create together with us.


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Learn to master the handpan with this easy to follow and intuitive system created by Ravid Goldschmidt.

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The Spacedrum is created by Metal Sounds. It is a music instrument very similar to the Handpan. Ravid Goldschmidt has created an easy to follow and intuitive system to help you to master this instrument.
Due June 2022.

An online platform where you can learn different urban dance styles: Popping and locking, Electric Boogie, House and more.
Due June 2023.

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