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Learn, Play, Perform: Choose 1 course


Learn to Play the Handpan: Choose one course

Choose the course you want to start with. You will learn easy-to-follow exercises in the measure/bar of either 2, 3, or 4. All exercises are fantastic for both beginner and experienced players. The exercises follow the Ravid Method – A unique and easy-to-follow system that guides you to learn to use all the notes on your handpan, use both hands equally, and at the same time teaches you small melodies you can combine as they all are in the measure/bar of 2, 3 or 4 - based on which course you choose :).

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There is a lot of background knowledge everybody who plays the handpan should know. We have a whole course about the instrument's secrets, the invention's story, and my personal story. It holds info on the technicalities of reading written handpanmusic and how the instrument was built, how to maintain it and how to handle it in your everyday life at home and out and about with your music. We find this knowledge so important that we want to gift it to you.

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Learn, Play, Perform: Choose 1 course

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