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Coaching with Cecilie Conrad

Coaching with Cecilie Conrad

Is Cecilie the right person to guide you in your personal development? We believe so, but the only way to find out is to connect and take a long talk.

We suggest you book an hour with one Cecilie to see if the match is correct. If you prefer you can also book different packages of 3, 5, or 7 hours.

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Coaching with Cecilie Conrad

Cecilie is a university-educated psychologist and has her professional skills entirely in place. But she is not your ordinary psychologist. Cecilie's foundation is radical, her methods personal, and her experience bases extensive. Cecilie knows life from her work and the personal development journeys she has taken herself. She is an excellent guide to help you on your journey. Cecilie knows that you do not enchant yourself into a completely changed life. The mental work IS work.

Fortunately, it is FUN, exciting work, and every step you take brings new energy to the next. There is so much tied up in the lock, and when you unlock and let go, you get plenty of free energy to take the next step.

Let me help you on your journey.

Should Jesper join?

If you need a male perspective on your journey, then Jesper is happy to meet up and help. We often coach families together, as this seems to produce results faster. If you are interested in this, then choose the option called "Coaching - 1 hour with both Cecilie and Jesper"

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